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This package price allows you to post your company logo and contact information on The eec Global Email Marketing Guide and distribute it to your clients for educational purposes. This is a great co-branding opportunity. You must sign the distribution rights agreement and provide eec with your company logo and contact information for placement in the Guide.
The easy-to-use guide provides a quick look-up matrix of countries by email compliance requirements. It currently covers over 75 jurisdictions - future updates may cover additional jurisdictions. You can navigate the multitude of international anti-spam laws, consent and opt-out requirements as well as which types of email messages are covered. It serves as a primer for organizations as they consider the complex, ever changing, and increasingly important area of email compliance. We anticipate this guide will receive regular updates throughout the year to stay current with this vast and changing landscape. The updates are included in the initial price packages until December 31st, 2016. If you are a DMA member, than you will receive for free any updates and new editions until 2017. 

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